How long does it take to get published?

It varies. Every author is different and may be starting from a different point in the process. Assuming that your manuscript is complete, edited and proofread, publishing should can happen in as little as 45 days or more. It also depends on the type of package selected. For example, an e-book package requires the least amount of time, compared to a full-service package.

What if I experience writers' block. Can you still help me?

Absolutely! Many authors experience writers' block from time to time. Our Ultimate Publishing System™ includes specific strategies designed to overcome challenges such as writers' block.

What options do I have for creating my manuscript?

Our Ultimate Publishing System™ provides a variety of strategies to get your manuscript from concept to production. For example, many authors prefer to record their original content by voice. Others are just as happy typing into a word processor such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or Apple Pages. Regardless of how your manuscript starts, the results are always stellar with our Ultimate Publishing System™.

What's an ePub file?

The term ePub means electronic publishing. Thus, an ePub file is an industry standard file format that is capable of communicating the same information in an electronic book across a variety of electronic devices. For example, an ePub book will typically display the same information on an iPad, iPhone, Kindle, or other device. While ePub files display a cover image, table of contents, and other text-related features, headers, footers, and page numbers are typically not included. This is done to allow the text to flow easily across pages based on user defined fonts and text size.

Do you offer printed copies?

Yes! Our packages that include printed copies automatically come with print-on-demand services that the author can use to reprint copies and have them shipped to any location within the continental United States.

Which elecronic retailers do you support?

Our Ultimate Publishing System™ has established excellent relationships with Apple iBookstore, Amazon Kindle Publishing, Barnes and Noble Nook Press, and Google Play Books. Together, these electronic retailers provide global reach to customers on all mobile platforms.

I noticed that you're a big fan of the standard size (8.5" x 11"). Why is that?

At Ultimate Better World Solutions, our Ultimate Publishing System™ was designed from the start to provide a systematic approach to publishing. This means being able to save our authors time, energy and money. To save our authors time and money we utilize a book size that requires no additional resources to produce a book. This means that an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper can be folder in half; printed; bound; and shipped without ever needing to trim excess paper. Such books are printed faster, at a lower cost, and shipped more efficiently to our authors' selected destination. When authors plug into our system they are able to experience the savings we promise.

What types of editorial services do you offer?

Our Ultimate Publishing System™ delivers copy writing, content editing, and proofreading services. Depending on the package selected, these services may require additional fees.

Is it true that you don't charge royalties?

Yes! It's true. Ultimate Better World Solutions was founded by Ricardo A. Black, MBA—a prolific writer in his own right. Mr. Black experienced firsthand what it's like to lose valuable revenue from booksales due to all the providers involved. By removing certain costly blocks in the publishing chain our Ultimate Publishing System™ is able to deliver a truly unique publishing experience that puts the author in full control in her/his revenue stream.