How the iPhone™ made more authors rich

In January 2007, when Steve Jobs introduced the world to the iPhone, everything changed. At the same time, Steve Balmer (former CEO of Microsoft) was on stage at CES in Las Vegas, and it is said that the place was a ghost town once Steve Jobs took the stage.

I was glued to my screen as I soaked in the keynote: a revolutionary mobile phone; an internet communicator, and a wide screen iPod with touch display. While the world could not wait until June 2007 to get their fingers on the iPhone, many so called experts were already preparing for its burial. No one saw the iPhone coming, and it was like a tsunami. What I loved about it, among other things, was its democratization of the publishing industry.

Once millions of customers became acquainted with the iPhone's operating system and apps, apple released the iPad. With the iPad came the first true competitor Amazon's publishing empire. Before the iPad, it was not easy to publish one's ideas on the open market and retain the majority of the profits. I know, it was already possible to publish a book here and there. Yet, the authors were commoditized, thus making very little on their works.

Then, Apple's iPad and iPhone brought the iBookstore to the market. Forget about the lawsuits and settlements that Apple suffered at the hands of Amazon and the Justice Department. What Apple's iPad and iPhone did was create a seismic shift in publishing by reversing a long held tradition of squeezing authors for every nickel and dime. Apple's iPad and iPhone set a simple pricing structure that everyone—Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Google—had no other choice but to match.

Before the iPad and iPhone, self-publishers may have earned 35%-45% royalties on sales on those stores. After the iPad and iPhone, every author could earn 70% for their intellectual property. Whether it was an app, game, book, song, or video: Apple's iPad and iPhone put the lion's share of each sale back into the pockets of self-publishers and developers.

No wonder so many people are able to amplify their voices through self-publishing. The Ultimate Publishing System™ is one of the most innovative and simple services available on the planet. In fact, it may be the ONLY self-publisher who refuse to charge royalties to its clients.

Thank you Steve Jobs and Apple for leveling the playing field and putting the innovators and trailblazers of our time in the driver's seat.

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